Info Tech Communications


Here are the answers to most of the questions that people ask about our service. If you have a question that is not covered by this page please let us know and we will provide you with a personalized answer.



  1. I forgot my email password. How can I reset it?
    Login to your control panel and then select Email Accounts under the Mail section.
  2. What is the path to web mail for my account?
    We recommend using secure web mail (https) vs. non-encrypted web mail (http). See next question. If you insist on using non-encrypted web mail here is how you do it. Be advised that passwords and other critical information may be stolen from you. You have been warned: Web mail access is available at http://webmail.[yourdomainname] For example, if your domain name is, your web mail is at
  3. How do I view my web email over a secure connection?
    Secure web mail access is available at https://webmail.[yourdomainname]:2096 For example, if your domain name is, your web mail is at
  4. My ISP blocks port 25 for outgoing server (SMTP), what other port can I use?
    Port 24
  5. What program do you recommend that I use as my mail client?
    The best program for accessing your email is Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client.
  6. How do I configure my mail client (Outlook / Outlook Express)?
    Login to your control panel and then select Email Accounts under the Mail section. Then select Configure Mail Client for the account you wish. Manual setting are listed at the bottom.
  7. After sending, or during sending an email, the email is returned or error produced with the message "Error: 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my allowed list of rcpthosts" how do I fix this?
    This error is caused by not 'authenticating for sending' with our mail servers. What that means is that your email client did not prove to the mail server that you are really you. We require authentication so that only our customers can send emails out using our mail servers. For most clients, Sending Authentication is a checkbox labelled something like "My outgoing server requires authentication."
  8. What is the path to sendmail?
    Login to your control panel, this information is displayed on the left side in the Stats section.
  9. What is your spam or bulk e-mail policy?
    Info Tech's upstream providers have strict policies that prohibit all bulk e-mail/usenet posting. Any client found to be engaged in this activity will have his site removed from this network. PLEASE! Don't waste your money on bulk e-mail scams save your site and your money. Don't Send Spam!
  10. How does Info Tech protect it's customers from junk email (Spam)?
    Spam and virus filtering is done at the server level, and users can modify spam filtering in their control panel. Select Spam Assassin under the Mail section. Spam Assassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email's headers and body. Contact support if your mail is getting blocked by the server spam filter.



  1. I need to login to my control panel, what is the username and password?
    These are the same as the FTP username and password. If you are unable to remember them please contact us.
  2. What are some guidelines for naming files & folders?
    We strongly recommend using these three simple rules: 1) Only use lower case letters and numbers 2) Do not use spaces, use the "_" character in place of a space 3) Do not have any two files or folders with the same name. This most commonly happens when multiple index files are used throughout the site.
  3. What are the FTP settings for my account?
    FTP host / Host name: ftp.[domainname] Example:
    Host directory / Remote site folder: /public_html/ or /public_html
    Login / UserID: Contact us for this.
    Password: Contact us for this. We can reset your password if you request.
    Transfer mode: Passive
    Your web site must be created in the public_html folder for it to be visible on the internet. Do not delete or modify any of the other folders unless you know what you are doing! Making changes to other folders may cause your web site and/or email to stop working!
  4. What do you recommend I use as a FTP client?
    FileZilla is an outstanding choice for a FTP client, and it's FREE!
  5. Do you support Microsoft FrontPage?
    Yes, but we highly discourage it. Most people use and have better success with Adobe Dreamweaver.
  6. What should the page I want to appear first be named?
    For the site to work you must name your homepage index.htm, index.html or index.php
  7. What is the IP address of my web site?
    Your web site shares an IP address with other domain names/accounts. You must use your domain name to view your web site. If you want to find out what that IP address is, login to your control panel, this information is displayed on the left side in the Stats section
  8. What is the path to PERL?
    Login to your control panel, this information is displayed on the left side in the Stats section.
  9. What is the path to my home directory?
    Login to your control panel, this information is displayed on the left side in the Stats section.
  10. What operating system does the server run?
  11. Why should I choose Info Tech over other hosting companies?
    Since Info Tech is a local business and only deals with local customers we are able to off great support and pay special attention to our customers.
  12. What is web hosting opposed to web design?
    Web hosting is how your information gets on the internet, web design is the actual making of web pages (graphics work etc.)
  13. What if I go over my disk space or bandwidth?
    You will be notified via email when you are approaching your limit, and of any overages. At any time you can log into your control panel any check usage. We highly recommend doing this several times per month. Contact us if your would like to modify your Hosting Plan.
  14. How long does it take to setup my new account?
    If we receive your information before noon on a business day you account will be setup in a matter of a few hours. Orders received after that time will be setup the next business morning.
  15. How long do name server changes take to complete?
    This part of the setup process is out of our control, on average a new domain should be working in less than 24 hours, a domain that is moving to Info Tech takes about 48 hours on average. If your domain is not working in 48 hours you should contact Info Tech support for an update.
  16. FTP uploads/downloads slow?
    Often times this is related to how you are connected to the internet such as through a cable modem router. Recheck your FTP settings and Contact us if you still have issues.
  17. How do I view the usage statistics for my web site?
    Login to your control panel then select Logs. You have several different log programs to pick from. We recommend Awstats as a start. Awstats is a excellent stats program that produces a variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site. Statistics are updated four times a day.
  18. My disk space usage is nearing capacity. How do I determine what is using up all of my space?
    Login to your control panel and select Disk Space Usage under the Files section. You can use the viewer to view all of the files in your site and find out how much space each file takes up.
  19. I accidentally erased my web site. Are there backups that you can restore for me?
    Yes. Your web site is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. So at any given time we should have three different versions/copies of your site.
  20. Can I backup my account/web site and keep a local copy of my web site?
    Yes. We highly recommend you do that periodically as an additional failsafe measure. Login to your control panel and select Backups under the Files section.
  21. How do I install the scripts you talk about (Blogs, Content Management, Customer Relations, Discussion Boards, E-Commerce, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists, Polls & Surveys, Project Management, Site Builders, Wiki's, and more!) on your Hosting Plans page?
    Login to your control panel and select Fantastico De Luxe under the Software / Services section.